Dentistry “Earthquake Class” of 1906

On April 18, 1906, a massive earthquake struck San Francisco. UC facilities in the city sustained serious damage, including the destruction of the clinical teaching lab of the School of Dentistry (then called the College of Dentistry / Dental Department). As the college began to reestablish teaching activities following the disaster, dentistry faculty considered how best to manage the would-be graduating class of 1906.

College of Dentistry class of 1906. AR 2015-4 SOD records

College of Dentistry class of 1906. AR 2015-4 SOD records

Though further instruction immediately following the earthquake was not possible and many of the department’s student records were destroyed, the faculty ultimately decided to recommend the class of 1906 for graduation. As Dentistry Dean and Professor Guy S. Millberry noted in his key to the class photograph, the students “graduated after the Earthquake April 18 without examination.”

Guy Millberry key to the "earthquake class" photo, 1906. AR 2015-4 SOD records

Guy Millberry key to the 1906 “earthquake class” photo. AR 2015-4 SOD records

Look closely at the class photograph above and you’ll notice a surprising detail: a skull in the second row (click on the image to enlarge). Millberry even includes a sketch of the skull in his key, noting its identity is unknown.

Click here to learn more about how the Affiliated Colleges (later UCSF) responded to the earthquake. The School of Dentistry records, AR 2015-4, include a number of early dentistry photographs and historical documents. Please contact us if you would like to view the material.

Recent donation: 1929 School of Pharmacy class photograph

We recently received a great image of the School of Pharmacy (then called the California College of Pharmacy) class of 1929. It was donated by Carol J. Matteson, daughter of alumna May Elizabeth Jennings. Jennings is pictured in the third row from the top; click on the image to enlarge.

California College of Pharmacy class of 1929

California College of Pharmacy class of 1929

We are so thankful for the wonderful UCSF alumni community and its continued support. Donations like this help build the archives and preserve the history of UCSF.

To learn more about the School of Pharmacy in the 1920s, check out material in our digital collections:

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UCSF Mobile Dental Clinic

We’re spotlighting two images of the Mobile Dental Clinic on display now in our exhibit Many Faces, One UCSF  at the UCSF Library.

The UCSF Mobile Dental Clinic program originated in the mid-1960s. Led by dental faculty including Dr. Marvin Stark, the program provided care to underserved communities in California. Today, the Mobile Dental Clinic’s tradition of service continues with the School of Dentistry externships, a program that provides practical training for dental students and patient care to California’s rural and underserved communities.

Children in line in front of the Mobile Dental clinic, 1966

Children in line in front of the Mobile Dental Clinic, 1966. Photograph collection

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Mobile Dental Clinic treated patients in California’s Central Valley, including migrant farm workers and their children. Dentists, students, and other health care professionals traveled from site to site in buses outfitted with equipment and supplies.

Inside the Mobile Dental Clinic, 1974

Inside the Mobile Dental Clinic, 1974. Photograph collection

The work of Mobile Dental Clinic practitioners inspired students, including UCSF Dental Alumni Association Medal of Honor winner Nelson Artiga-Diaz. Artiga-Diaz would later become Assistant Dean for Community Clinics and help build the externship program.

Learn more about Artiga-Diaz and the UCSF School of Dentistry externship program here.