Celebrating Valentine’s Day

A heart is a universal symbol of the Valentine’s Day. We would like to share with you a selection of heart illustrations from the UCSF Rare Book Collection.

lowerDiagrams of the heart. Lower, Richard. Richardi Lower … Tractatus de corde : item de motu, colore, & transfusione sanguinis, et de chyli in eum transitu, ut et de venae sectione : his accedit Dissertatio de origine catarrhi .., 1728.


Illustrations of the heart and lungs. Verheyen, Philip. Corporis humani anatomiae, 1710.


Diagram of the heart. Cabrol, Barthelemy. Ontleedingh des menschelycken lichaems, 1633.


Illustrations of the heart and lungs. Vesling, Johann. Syntagma anatomicum, 1666.