Bartholin’s treatises on snake poisons

As it’s the height of summer, that time of year when many of us head outdoors a bit more often, we thought we’d highlight a first edition from our rare book collection that addresses a potential hiking hazard– snake bites.

Dissertatio prima [et secuna] de theriaca in officina Christophori Heerford Sen. Pharmacop. was published by Matthias Godicchenius for Petrus Hauboldus in Copenhagen, 1671. The volume is composed of two dissertations on snake poisons and their antidotes, issued from the laboratory of two Copenhagen pharmacists. The manner in which Bartholin approaches the topic is of particular significance as it assumes that blood circulates throughout the body. He was one of the earliest advocates of Harvey’s theory of blood flow.

Dissertatio primae de theriaca in officina Christophori Heerford...

Thomas Bartholin was no slouch himself. He discovered the lymphatic vessels, contributed to anesthiology research, and came from an utmost scientific family that can boast pioneering work in the olfactory nerve, light ray double refraction, and discovery of Bartholin’s gland.

We hope you’re all enjoying the summer. Be safe and remember that even breeches and stockings may not protect you from everything.

Dissertatio secunda de theriaca in officina Christophori Heerford...

Dissertatio primae [et secunda] de theriaca in officina Christophori Heerford, 1671

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